“A Pension is not a gift, it is a Right!”

Following on from last week’s post, we wanted to share a video from Twitter of our CEO in action. Susan Shaw recently appeared on French TV expressing the necessity for an adequate and equal pension and the right to a decent standard of living. 

We use the media whenever possible, to highlight this issue and to create a greater awareness of the need to address the insecurity of the current system.

The translation of the above Twitter post reads: 

“If I’ve worked all my life, even if I’ve had a low-paying job, I have as much right to a quality retirement as a senior executive.”

Susan Shaw, Director of @seniorsparl, advocates for a decent standard of living for all.

We continue to make links around Ireland and with other EU countries on the issue of pension adequacy. We will endeavor to advocate for a more sustainable and equal pension system.