Alliance of Age Sector NGOs

We at Irish Senior Citizens Parliament are proud to be a member of the Alliance of Age Sector NGOs (the Alliance), alongside six NGOs: Alone, Age & Opportunity, The Alzheimer Society of Ireland, Irish Hospice Foundation, Active Retirement Ireland, and Third Age. The Alliance represents our collective thinking in the age sector, uniting our learning  from working with the diversity of older people and the issues that they face.

Telling It Like It Is

Covid-19 has been incredibly difficult for everyone. However, older people have been disproportionately affected by the pandemic, suffering from loneliness, isolation, and fear. The Alliance conducted a report into the experiences of older people during the pandemic, engaging with older people and getting their insights into how the year affected them.

“Telling it like it is” is the outcome of this dialogue.  Our “Telling it like it is” document reports directly on those experiences, not shying away from the difficulties experienced.  Among the key findings we found:

  • Older people’s independence and decision-making agency was reduced disproportionately. There was a feeling that their lives were to be instructed by others, removing self determination and confidence.
  • Older people were made to feel like their contribution was unrecognised and undervalued and most older people felt that issues of ageism were heightened.
  • Many older people felt that precious time lost which cannot be regained.
  • Older people found themselves financially compromised during the pandemic. Increased costs from having to stay at home could not be met on static incomes.
  • Older people’s health was damaged. Both mental and physical health deteriorated due to isolating at home. 
  • Older people died disproportionately.  Often their end-of-life wishes were not sought or honoured. 

The Document calls for meaningful and direct engagement with older people on the issues they faced during Covid-19 and on the challenges facing them going forward. Older people have much to offer society and must be not be isolated from policy conversations concerning them. Ensuring that we have agency in decision making as we age, and actively countering ageism in policy making must be priorities for Government.

To read the whole document, click this link: Telling It Like It Is