Budget 2022

In Budget 2022, our members are calling on the Irish Government to fulfil long held commitments to older people and implement the National Positive Ageing Strategy thus ensuring income security, confidence, and a valuing of the contribution older people make to their community and society in their later years.

A brief summary of our asks is below, but you can read our entire submission here: ISCP Budget 2022 PDF


  • Increase weekly State Pension by €15
  • Match Benefit Payment for 65 year olds to the State Pension
  • Conduct a report on Gender Equality in Pensions
  • Conduct a report on the Cost of Ageing
  • Pass the Industrial Relations Bill 2021

Just Transition for Older People:

  • Increase for fuel allowance by €3.50/week and reinstate the 32 week fuel allowance period.
  • Consult with older people on the feasibility of green loan schemes and grants for retrofitting for people living in retirement.
  • Provide €330m for completion of wheelchair accessible public transport in the forthcoming budget
  • Maintain the Free Travel Scheme
  • Invest adequately in rural public transport schemes


  • Create a Strategy for Housing for Older People in Private Rented Accommodation
  • Provide dedicated funding for development of publicly owned and subsidised housing for people living in private rented accommodation who have entered retirement
  • Dedicate resources into ensuring that Vacant Property Taxes are collected in order to free up housing that is suitable for downsizing.
  • Work with local authorities to provide suitable downsizing options within communities.e


  • Provide funding to meet home care needs in Ireland
  • Link medical card access to state pension age and review the threshold for access for those on a private pensions
  • Implement Sláintecare fully
  • Increase spend on Mental Health care in order to meet needs in primary care and inpatient settings, implement full out of hours services, and increase staffing levels to those recommended in A Vision for Change
  • Reinstate funding to the medical card scheme for dentist access to pre 2010 levels

Housing Aid and Independent Living

  • Restore funding for Housing Aid for Older People to 2010 levels.
  • Maintain Living Alone grant and review eligibility criteria
  • Maintain Christmas Bonus

Community and Voluntary Sector

  • Many organisations have felt the impact of loss of much needed income through fundraising to cover overheads and are now facing serious financial difficulty. The resources and energy used to address this often take away from the core work of the organisation. An increase in funding to overcome this as it is not recoupable income is essential. This will help to maintain the sector and support it to play its part in the COVID-19 recovery.