Bank of Ireland must re-consider proposed banking changes

The Irish Senior Citizens Parliament are deeply concerned that once again unilateral changes are being made by banks which restrict the ability of older people to access their accounts through the branch networks in face to face transactions.

Many older people will be affected by the Bank of Ireland proposed changes as they do not have access to digital channels and do not want to use ATM because of their security concerns.

By setting such a high level for Teller Withdrawals the bank shows scant regard for the safety of older people who wish to use cash. Aware that such transactions are declining, we urge the bank to allow older people to continue to transact their business in the normal way.

We have concerns that the desire to move too quickly maybe a cause of stress and anxiety and lead to targeting of older people by criminals. In time and in line with stated government policy the country will move to a digital system. We are not there yet and that is why we urge the bank to re-consider their proposed change.

With no malice we remind them that it was the Irish people who bailed them out and endured suffering and loss as a result. In that same spirit we urge them to exclude older people from this process.

Máiréad Hayes