Don’t Cut Services Which Will Add To Social Exclusion

LACK of ACCESS a critical issue for older and disadvantaged people in Rural Ireland

The Irish Senior Citizens Parliament noting the reports that plans are already in train to cut Bus Éireann services to many rural areas calls for a stay on this decision to allow talks to take place to ensure that no rural community is left without a service.

Immediate discussions must take place between The National Transport Authority, Bus Éireann and the Department of Transport to ensure that no older person is left without access to vital services such as health and social inclusion.

The Government recently renewed its commitment to the National Positive Ageing Strategy and without access to travel services many older people in rural and remote areas will be confined to their homes.

Frailty in older age and lack of money across the lifecycle creates a common cause for those who live in the small towns and vibrant villages which are due to affected by the proposed cuts.