Happy Intergenerational Week!

Happy Global Intergenerational Week 2023, a celebration of generations coming together. The global event seeks to unite individuals, groups, organizations, local and national governments, and NGOs who share a common goal of nurturing cross-generational friendships.

According to the Global Report on Ageism, ageism occurs when “age is used to categorize and divide people in ways that lead to harm, disadvantage, and injustice and erode solidarity across generations.” Age-related barriers affect both younger and older people and impact various sectors of their lives, namely employment and political participation.

DCU Age Friendly University are hosting events every day this week to mark the occasion and to raise awareness of the importance of solidarity among generations.  DCU AF have linked with the Executive Team leading Global Intergenerational Week which involves Generations Working Together (Scotland), Linking Generations Northern IrelandBridging the Generations, (Wales) and The Beth Johnson Foundation (England).

We have kindly been invited to join a discussion panel in DCU tomorrow at 2.30pm. Our MDO Niamh Kavanagh and Executive Committee member Pat Fitzgerald will join Dr. Caroline McGroary to discuss age-related inequalities in Finance,  Lending and Insurance. Check out the poster below for more details about the discussion as well as the daily events for the week.