Keeping the Pressure on

ISCP are leading the campaign to have the Pension Bill (proposed by Brid Smith PBP) moved to the next stage, with a view to having the Bill successfully passed by the Government. This is fully supported by our members from ESB, Retired Civil and Public Servants, Retired Airline Staff Association, Alliance of Retired Public Servants and Retired Semi–State Staff Associations.

The Bill (in brief) seeks the right of retired workers to have a voice in all decisions affecting their income. As it stands now, this right passes after six months of retirement. For further information on the Bill, please click HERE.

Yesterday, 15th November,  Bríd Smith highlighted the lack of progress on this issue with an Taoiseach Míchael Martin:

The ISCP will continue to support the rights of all older people to a have a full say in everyday issues that affect their quality of life.