Cost-of-Living continues to Divide

The cost-of-living crisis in Ireland has become a grievous financial burden for most, but especially for those who depend on fixed incomes including state pensioners.

Is it Careless to go Cashless?

The idealistic move towards a cashless society has raised its head once again today as the NCT (National Car Testing Service) has announced that they

Seniors Trade Show 2023

On Tuesday 17th October, we will be heading to Bundoran in lovely Donegal for the Autumn Seniors Trade Show. We had a wonderful time participating

Get the FACTS about the State Pension!

What is the current rate of the state pension? €265.30 for the contributory state pension and €253 for the non-contributory state pension. Only two-thirds of

The State Pension is a real Shame!

The Pension Coalition launched the beginning of a series of townhall meetings on Monday 19th June at Liberty Hall in Dublin. The purpose of the

Scam Text Messages in full force!

We have received multiple reports of scam text messages doing the rounds and they can be very convincing. Scam text messages usually come from an