Warning of Pension Related Scam Phone Calls

This week, ISCP have received reports from its members of scam calls claiming that their pensions are at risk. The calls are not automated and the caller has knowledge of the receiver’s name. They will ask for details such as PPSN and will claim that the person’s pension is at risk of suspension unless they provide the requested details.

Those we have spoken to said that the calls were very convincing but fortunately they did not give out any information. These calls come at a time when many people are also receiving automated scam calls about their PPSN being linked to criminal activity.

While the number of reports is currently low, we are warning people to be vigilant. If you are contacted by anyone who is claiming to need access to your PPSN or financial details, or who claims your pension is at risk, please follow this advice:

  • If you receive a phone call, hang up and do not engage.  If the person tells you that they are ringing from the Department of Social Protection, you can phone the Department or your local social welfare branch office afterwards but do not engage with the caller.
  • Do not reply to emails, texts, or social media messages requesting information or bank details from you.
  • REMEMBER: never disclose your private information in a text, call, email or social media request.

For more advice on fraudulent crimes, check out: https://www.garda.ie/en/crime/fraud/

For a list of all local social welfare offices, check out: https://www.gov.ie/en/directory/category/e1f4b5-intreo-offices/