Wishing you a wonderful retirement!

We would like to take some time to acknowledge and celebrate a remarkable career and bid farewell to an extraordinary colleague who is embarking on a well-deserved journey into retirement. We wish to express to Sue, our genuine appreciation and gratitude for her remarkable contributions and unwavering dedication to the ISCP.

A friend, a colleague, a fierce leader, Sue has left a lasting mark on the team, our Board and Executive, ISCP members and most significantly on the Age Sector itself. Her expertise and exceptional skills have helped to secure the longevity of the ISCP and propel us forward into our next chapter. She has certainly been a mentor and role model to so many of us.

Beyond her professional accomplishments, Sue has also been a source of inspiration and support on a personal level. She has always been on hand to offer words of encouragement and create a positive and nurturing environment for everyone around her. Her kindness, generosity and genuine care for those around her has helped foster a strong sense of camaraderie and unity within our team and Executive Committee.

We are forever grateful for the knowledge and skills we have gained under her tutelage, in particular her ability to instil in us the values of integrity, dedication and perseverance. As Sue embarks on her own new chapter, we can only wish her the very best in her retirement. May it be filled with happiness and good health, excitement and adventure and most of all, relaxation. You will be sorely missed but your legacy will continue to inspire us all.

Thank you for everything you have done and congratulations on your well-deserved retirement!