what we Believe in

The Irish Senior Citizens’ Parliament is a representative organisation of Older People in Ireland. The Parliament is a non-partisan political organisation working to promote the views of older people in policy development and decision-making. The Parliament is run by older volunteers who are elected annually at the Annual Parliament Meeting by delegates from affiliated organisations. The ISCP currently has 200 affiliated organisations whose memberships combine to a total of 500,000 individuals. This membership means the ISCP has a genuine mandate to be the Voice of Older People in Ireland.

What are the objectives of the Parliament?

  • To be a strong voice representing older people and their needs at the international, national and local level.
  • To promote inter-generational solidarity.
  • To work through the existing affiliated organisations to ensure better coordination of policies and activities whilst ensuring that the affiliated groups retain their own autonomy.
  • To work for improvement in the quality of life of Older People.
  • To develop solidarity with organisations working to improve the quality of life of Older People.
  • To represent Older People’s issues to Government.

How are these objectives achieved?

We identify issues of concern to Older People and we lobby at national level to achieve them. We bring the issues to the attention of the Government and all other agencies dealing with issues affecting our members.

Who can join?

Membership is open to organisations, groups or individuals who wish to work with the Parliament on issues of concern to Older People and who are fully supportive of the Parliament and its ethos.

Members of the Parliament are available to go and speak to your organisation or group to explain our work in areas such as pensions, transport, health, housing, nursing and home care to name but a few. 

Would you like to be a part of a strong voice for older people?