2025 Pre-Budget Submission to the Department of Social Protection

In order for Government to plan Budget 2025 accurately, we must remind them of the reality of growing older in Ireland and the numerous hardships older people are now facing. We conducted a survey to assess both the immediate and long-term needs of older persons in Ireland and to allow us to hear directly from you about your lived experience. We wish to take this opportunity to thank all 554 ISCP members and older persons who took part in our surveys. Because of you, we were able to formulate an accurate depiction of the living situation of older people today and ask for exactly what you need from Government in order to maintain an acceptable standard of living. 

You can access a copy of our final pre-budget submission to the Department of Social Protection by clicking the the box below.

We value your time and we value your voice. Thank you for speaking up and including your needs in our submission to Government for 2025.