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  • Was this a Restorative Budget for Older people?

    11th October 2017

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    Media Statement 9th October 2017

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what we advocate for


Older People must have Access to Services which will enable them to live and age with dignity in their own homes for as long as they wish. Transport Services in rural and urban areas so that they can participate and volunteer in their communities in areas such s caring, culture and recreational activities.  Technology to eliminate the […]


Older People must have Full Access to all essential health services based solely on a positive commitment to the health of Older People and free from any age related biases or discrimination. Equality of treatment for older people should not be withheld on the basis of age alone and must be for clear and agreed clinical reasons. Access […]


All Older People must have access to a decent income in retirement which will allow them to live with dignity a life, free from poverty and constant worry in decent well heated homes with good nutrition. This will support and enable them to fully participate, as equals, with all across the lifecycle. In retirement the State Pension is the […]


The Irish Senior Citizens Parliament Charter of Rights for Older People states that they must have the right to to live an independent, active and full life without discrimination on the grounds of age, gender, marital status , sexual orientation disability, religion , ethnicity, or membership of the traveller community. the right to travel, to participate in […]

Irish Senior Citizens Parliament

The ISCP currently has 400 affiliated organisations whose memberships combine to a total of 100,000 individuals.

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Welcome to Sue Shaw, our new CEO

  ‘I am delighted as President to welcome Sue Shaw as our CEO’, says John Walsh, speaking at January’s  Executive meeting of the Irish Senior Citizens Parliament. (ISCP) Sue Shaw has over 20 years’ experience in the community development and voluntary sectors working at local regional and national level.  Eight of those years have been […]

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Disappointment in ‘New’ Payment

Pension Rights ‘This is yet another example of a lack of planning and a lack of awareness of the reality of the cost of ageing, which unfortunately we have become used to with this government’ says Sue Shaw CEO of ISCP. The Government this week, announced a ‘new payment’ for people who are compelled to […]

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OLDER PEOPLES RIGHTS     STAFF PREPARING FOR FIRST EVER TELELPHONE ANNUAL PARLIAMENT MEETING RIGHT TO VISIT Delegates attending the Telephone Annual Parliament Meeting (TAPM) of the Irish Senior Citizens Parliament today were concerned about many issues affecting them and their families. There was concern about the fact that no increase in the basic State […]

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Budget 2021

Older People wait in eager anticipation to learn their fate. What will Budget 2021 Hold for Older People Many things were promised in the Programme for Government and during Election 2020. Older People will be expecting to see Delivery of some of these promises and a clear pathway or road map for delivery of others. […]

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Take Part in Trinity College Research Survey

Physical Activity Behaviour During The COVID-19 Pandemic: An Online Survey Physiotherapy researchers at Trinity College Dublin; Dr Cuisle Forde and Dr Emer Barrett are carrying out a study to understand how people’s physical activity and exercise patterns have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.This is a general population study and anybody over the age of 18 can […]

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Older People must be released from Total Confinement

Press Release from Irish Senior Citizens Parliament  Irish Senior Citizens Parliament is strongly urging  Government today to ease the confinement that Older People are enduring with fortitude and forbearance for the greater good. The majority of Older People are finding cocooning particularly difficult.  They miss the opportunity to go out into the fresh air and to experience the sun  on […]

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