1. The right to live an independent, active and full life without discrimination on the grounds of age, gender, marital status, family status, sexual orientation, disability, religion, ethnic origin, member of travelling community.
  2. The right to an adequate pension which enables an older person to have a decent standard of living.
  3. The right to appropriate housing suitable to meet an older person’s needs.  
  4. The right to suitable  long-term care including Nursing Home Services that are affordable and that will meet the needs of older people.
  5. The right to an adequate comprehensive Health Service based on a positive commitment to the health of older people.
  6. The right to an effective Home Support/Care Service that is properly funded and that is organised in co-operation with local Community Care Services.
  7. The right to participate in formal and informal education including third level.
  8. The right of older workers to Pre-Retirement Planning Courses including time off for such courses. Access to flexible working hours, job sharing and early retirement.
  9. The right to participate in Bodies which deal with the concerns of older people and to have their views taken into account.
  10. The right to be consulted by government at all levels to enable older people to make their views known on issues which affect the quality of their life.
  11. The right to be recognised as citizens of the European Union and to be involved in suitable programmes that are supported by the European Union to enable them to develop their full citizenship and to co-operate with older people within the European Union.
  12. The right to travel, recreational facilities, including opportunities for self-expression, personal development and fulfilment. To be fully included in civil society.

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