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John Walsh


‘I have all my working life fought injustice in the workplace and in the community. At work I was involved in a number of union committees and local level involved in residents associations.

I have a interest in all sports, photography, motorcycles, travel and DIY.

My interest in promoting rights of older people comes from my involvement in the trade union movement.

It’s important to have an organisation that represents  the voice of old people as a  key priority.

We should constantly pursue the appointment of a full Minister for older people, which gives us a voice at the cabinet table.’as

Imelda browne

Vice President

‘I am the representative from the INMO retired nurses section.

I have worked as a nurse and a manager in the HSE and I am very aware of the social and health needs of older people and how the quality of life can be improved if society responds in a positive way to ageing and facilitates housing, transport,and an adequate income to all older persons.

I am interested in a range of activities, I enjoy foreign travel and visiting historic sites abroad and in Ireland.I read a lot and enjoy gardening .I am a member of an active retirement group in Naas and I enjoy general socialising with friends. The lockdown during covid has made me realise how quickly one can become isolated and how is it an issue for many older people even at normal times.I am at present the Representative for the organisation on the Get up Get moving campaign being established by the HSE, which seeks to encourage and help older persons to remain active throughout their life.

My interest in issues for older persons comes from many experiences in my life,I was a very active trade union member during my working life and I fought hard for the rights of employees,I also acted as an advocate for older persons when I worked in the area of long-stay care. My mother lived until she was 93 yrs old and I became acutely aware of the many issues she faced.

The voice of older persons needs to be heard by politicians and planners of services in a cohesive and professional manner which I believe the ISCP can deliver.The country will be set to go through a difficult period financially and socially following Covid and we need to ensure that older persons are protected and that the media and politicians do not try to drive a wedge between different generations as we all make decisions that will affect our lives.’

Mary Merriman - Treasurer

‘I have 35 years of nursing experience working at clinical and management level.  I served on the board of The Irish Motor Neuron Association for five years and bring that experience with me to ISCP.  I also volunteered for five years with The Alice Leahy Trust where I worked “hands-on “with people who were homeless, including older people.

I love spending time with my family and grandchildren.  I am trying to learn Irish and Spanish at the moment. I enjoy walking including hillwalking, reading and current affairs. I am open to new experiences travelling at home and abroad.

My age and retirement have focused me on everything that affects my generation.  I have worked for many years in caring for those who are older and infirm and supporting their independent living. 

I believe our voice and opinions need to be heard and who better  to represent our diverse needs than the older generation themselves.

We always welcome new people to the organisation and as activists, this adds strength to our voice


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