Be fair to older people


The Irish Senior Citizens Parliament urges the Government to ensure that Older People are not further disadvantaged in Supplementary Budget April 2009. Máiréad Hayes, CEO of the Irish Senior Citizens Parliament, stated that “Older People are still feeling the effects of Budget 2009. Many are fearful and frightened as they contemplate the changed economic circumstances both in Ireland and worldwide.”

The following table illustrates that when compared with the EU average State Pension at 60% of the average working wage, Ireland’s rate of 32.5% of the average working wage is almost half the EU average.

Country State Pension as proportion of average working wage
Netherlands 81.9%
Spain 81.2%
Denmark 79.8%
Italy 67.9%
Sweden 62.1%
France 51.2%
Germany 39.9%
Ireland 32.5%
UK 30.8%

Source: Aon / OECD; 2007 European Pensions Barometer Report

Noting that Older People in the comparative countries have better health and social care systems she said this Budget must not further disadvantage vulnerable Older People and must treat with justice and fairness.