Be safe & be prepared for Hurricane Ophelia

The hurricane is on the way and we urge all OLDER PEOPLE to shelter in their own place.

The Irish Senior Citizens also urges all seniors to put in place a plan to ensure that they  have  all the items they need to survive the hurricane. Ideally we suggest that you prepare for the eventuality of having no power, heating or other essentials for a period of time.

Our recommendation is that you use Checklist below and put all of the items listed on a table or a similar space in the main room you will be using to sit out the hurricane.

This way all items including your medications are in the same place and within easy reach in the room in which you will be sitting out the storm.


Prepare for the worst especially a power failure by following this Checklist

  • Fill a flask of hot water or soup or both if you have two containers
  • Make a sandwich or a cold snack ideally make sufficient for 2 snacks
  • Layout your medications on place them on the table
  • Charge all battery items such as mobile phones, laptops and other devices
  • Make sure you have your Torch, candles and matches to hand
  • If you still have time get batteries for radios torches etc
  • Listen to your radio
  • Arrange a check in time with a neighbour or family

Mairead Hayes, Irish Senior Citizens is urging Older People to;

“ACCEPT and TAKE help where it is offered by neighbours and friends whom they know and trust” She also reminds them to remember that when they were in their prime years they too helped and assisted Older People and those who were frail.”

Continued she said

“ by storing all your NEEDS in one room, it will help to avoid accidents or any dangers that could ariseby having to go from room to room.”

She urges all older people to wear their security pendant and have their mobile phone readily to hand. Concluding she said

 “ Keep warm, stay hydrated and keep safe”


Contact details Máiréad Hayes 086 349 8848   Email: