A Start But More To Do

Towards a Programme of Recovery for Older People 2016-2018

The Irish Senior Citizens Parliament welcomes Budget 2016 as a start in the process of Recovery for Older People and commit to our members that over the next two years we will continue to press and advocate for increased income and services for older people.

Our objective is to ensure that a Programme of Recovery and Restoration Process for Older People will be agreed and implemented in the period 2016-2018.

Based on feedback from older people before the budget we know that many of them will give a great welcome to the improvement in Childcare and Paternity Leave. Older People are worn out assisting with child care. In some cases they are sandwiched between the young and the old as they juggle caring duties for both. We were pleased to note the acknowledgement of this fact by the Minister for Social Protection in her speech.

We welcome the increase to 75% of the Additional Payment at Christmas (Bonus). We had sought the restoration at exactly that rate. Feed back from last year by members was most positive in relation to the Bonus. The €3 increase in the State Pension is a start in the process of recovery but only 60% of what we sought.  The increase in the means tested Fuel Allowance Payment is also welcomed at a rate of €2.50.  Many older people will also benefit from the restoration of the respite grant to its full level. The changes to the USC rates and bands will also mean additional monies for some pensioners.

It’s a good start but much more needs to be done