‘Cashless’ banks & older people

The Irish Senior Citizens’ Parliament views with dismay the announcement by Bank of Ireland of significant changes to the level of service which will be available in up to 80% of their branches across the country within the next few months.

The Parliament view is that these changes will restrict the ability of many, across the lifecycle, to transact business in most of the Bank of Ireland branches. For many older people this will impose hardship and concern.  Many older people are digitally literate but for those who are not this will impose additional burdens and worry.

We know that many older people are reliant on over-the-counter transactions, and we demand that their specific needs must be recognised and accommodated.  We call on Bank of Ireland to seriously consider the implications of such changes for older and other vulnerable people in the community, who are reliant on the maintenance of existing banking services.

While technological progress is to be welcomed, it also must be acknowledged that changes must keep pace with digital literacy across generations. Into the future, a cashless society is, perhaps, inevitable, but is certainly not where we are yet.

We ask Bank of Ireland to reverse this decision until they show how they will respond and cater for those older people.

Máiréad Hayes

086 349 8848