Community Support for Older People Scheme Suspended

At a time when attacks on Older People are increasing the Irish Senior Citizens Parliament are dismayed to learn that the scheme of community support for Older People is to be suspended. Effective from yesterday the Department will not be accepting any further applications for any of the supports provided under this scheme. We understand the Department has between 50 and 60 applications at present which have yet to be honoured.

The scheme provided Older People living in their own homes with vital community supports which enabled and supported independent living. Administered through grants to local community and voluntary groups it provided individuals with social alarms, small security extras such as chain locks and window locks, outside security lighting and smoke alarms.

Older People supported by supported by willing volunteers at a small cost to the state were assisted to feel and be more safe and secure in their homes. Given the recent increase in robberies around the country from which it would appear that Older People’s homes are being targeted by ruthless gangs the suspension of this grant is all the more regrettable and will cause many Older People and their families’ unnecessary stress.