Continuing to lobby for a Commissioner for Ageing and Older People

CEO Sue Shaw along with members of the Alliance of Age Sector NGOs, met with TDs and Senators in Leinster House for a second time, on Wednesday 3rd May.

The meeting took place in the AV Room in a bid to garner further cross-party support from TDs and Senators. After a brief introduction and presentation to ‘set the scene’ by Sue Shaw and Maureen Kavanagh (Active Retirement Ireland), the discussion continued for over an hour. The contributions from TDs and Senators alike, were both informative and encouraging and the proposal was well-supported overall. 

CEO Sue Shaw with members of the Age Alliance, TDs and Senators

The general consensus was that the call for a Commissioner was ‘a reasonable ask’ and would be a campaign that could benefit from cross-party support. The collaboration work by the Age Alliance was also noted and very welcomed. It is with great hope that over the coming period, these discussions will progress to a Dail debate on the issue and a similar debate in the Seanad.

We fully appreciated the time and energy shown by the TDs and Senators who attended and we look forward to moving this key action forward.