Disappointment in ‘New’ Payment

Pension Rights

‘This is yet another example of a lack of planning and a lack of awareness of the reality of the cost of ageing, which unfortunately we have become used to with this government’ says Sue Shaw CEO of ISCP.

The Government this week, announced a ‘new payment’ for people who are compelled to retire at 65 years but cannot access their state pension until 66 years. This payment of €203 is €45 less than the State pension.   The ISCP views this as a disjointed response to a situation that each of the Government partners has been aware of for some time now. Our ageing demographic is not a new phenomenon, so a response of this nature is disappointing at best.  The state pension supports people to live just above the poverty line and the lack of any increase over the last two Government Budgets has resulted in many people managing on a payment that is inadequate.

To create a new payment which is €45 less than this, lends to the belief among many of our members and older people in general that this Government has no understanding of what it is to live on a basic payment and furthermore shows a total lack respect for older people who have worked all their lives and continue to be active contributors to their communities and to society in general.