Enough Is Enough

The Irish Senior Citizens Parliament views with alarm the reports that there are plans in train to make further cuts to the living standards of Older People.

Older people have seen serious reductions in the value of the spending power of their pensions. Daily they are being confronted by increases, reduced services and additional charges. Serious cuts in household benefits and the removal of the additional payment at Christmas are biting deeply.

With the sweep of a pen the Minister for Social Protection has determined that those about to go on pension effective September 2012 will see cuts to their payments ranging from €18.80-29.80 with follow on reductions in payments for dependents.  There was no warning for these people and no opportunity to continue to work for most of them.

Callers tell us that in their view what is happening to pensioners or those about to become pensioners is in stark contrast to what they see as the manner in which those who recklessly endangered the State were and continue to be dealt with.

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