Thoughout 2021 we have heard from concerned members about their high insurance premiums which we believe have been based soleley on age.  We have contacted insurance companies and advocated for fairer policies in the hope of eliminating premiums based on age discrimination.  We have also been in contact with MEPs to champion our cause and to push for the introduction of anti age discriminatory insurance legislation at an EU level.

The overall response from MEPs has been poor, however,  both Clare Daly and Grace O’Sullivan have been in regular contact with us on this matter.

We’re delighted to say that on our behalf Clare Daly (MEP) is working on the following:

  • Raised the issue with relevant parliament committees
  • Pushing the Commission for answers
  • Communicating with Dail colleagues
  • Written to the Minister for Finance on the matter

At Clare’s request Catherine Connolly (TD) asked the Department of Finance if it was playing any role in relation to insurance premiums.  The written response received referred mostly to complaint procedures if a person feels they have been treated unfairly and makes reference to insurance feedback services.

Grace O’Sullivan (MEP) has supported us by seeking a written answer from the EU Commission on the Horizontal  Anti- Discrimination Directive and we have received confirmation that

“as indicated in the Work Programme for 2022, the Commission has committed to propose a new legislation in the area of equality to strengthen the role of Equality Bodies by setting minimum standards on the role and the independence of Equality Bodies in the European Union” European Commission

We intend to continue to tackle rising insurance premiums throughout 2022 and as always we want to hear from you about your experiences.