ISCP: Rumoured Pensions Increase Doesn’t Meet Needs of Older People

Speaking on reports that Government will not increase pensions by the minimum of €15/week, CEO of the Irish Senior Citizens Parliament Sue Shaw said:

“The ISCP membership are surprised and disappointed to hear the proposals that the Government are considering a mere €3-€5 increase in the state pension. For older people, who have seen no increase in their pensions in the last two budgets, this is extremely worrying news as they face increased costs in living, particularly in fuel costs. For many, the coming winter is of great concern, and this news has heightened fears about keeping their houses warm.

“We are calling on Government to increase the State pension by the minimum of €15/week. This would put us on the right path towards achieving the policy target of linking the state pension to 34% of average earnings.

“The members of the ISCP are calling on the Irish Government to fulfil long held commitments to older people that genuinely reflect a valuing of the contribution older people make to their community and society in their later years. A key element supporting the engagement of all people in community life and healthy living is an adequate income.”