Low Hanging Fruit

The Irish Senior Citizens Parliament is angered and saddened by the areas of cuts which have been announced by the HSE today. These will affect people and their families who are striving to remain at home and cope with age related frailties and disabilities.

Where do these cuts leave the promises to allow people to remain at home in their own home and communities? There is an old saying about a Straw breaking the camels back and this may just be THE Straw for many families who are managing to cope with caring in the home.

We are calling for a detailed breakdown from the HSE of how this will work and we are asking the Minister for Health James Reilly to come out and tell us if this plan has been agreed by him and to state clearly how to quote

the impact of these reductions will be minimised by achieving greater efficiency in the packages currently provided.

The ISCP is calling on the HSE, Minister for Health, James Reilly T.D. and Ministers Shortall and Lynch to reach further up the tree and tackle some of the “RIPE FRUIT “nearer the top.

These cuts must be reversed


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Chief Executive Officer
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