Media Statement: Budget 2018

The Irish Senior Citizens Parliament (ISCP), representing 300 affiliated organisations calls on all those involved in the BUDGET 2018 negotiations to remember their election promises to Older People and to ensure that Budget 2018 measures, incrementally seek the implementation of

A Programme of Recovery for Older People 2018-2020

We now need concrete proposals and timelines which will incrementally restore and improve the conditions, health and general wellbeing of all older people.

To achieve this we seek an increase of €6.00 for those on:

  1. State Pension
  2. Living Alone Allowance
  3. Aged Over 80.

These three categories are vulnerable and Budget 2018 must take care of them.

We welcomed the gradual restoration of the State Pension in Budget 2017, despite the deferred payment date. The ‘older old’ and those who live aloneare of particular concern to our members.   In most cases, their savings are gone and they have additional expenses and outlays as a result of increased frailty and lack of mobility. Further, their costs and taxes, such as Property Tax, Prescription Charges and the Drugs Repayment Scheme, are the same for them as a 6 person household.

Our specific proposals, informed by input from members across Ireland, are for the RESTORATION OF CUTS and an outline of a time table for delivery of the Household Benefits Package and other areas which were cut. The restoration of the Telephone Allowance is a top priority for older people in Budget 2018.

Adequate heating, in particular an increase in the means tested Fuel Allowance, is a priority. All the utility companies have, or, are about to increase their charges and the government PSO levy is also to increase. That is why we are asking for a reinstatement of a further 3 weeks of this allowance for Winter 2017/2018.


9th October 2017

Contact details: Mairead Hayes, 086 349 8848