Older People must be released from Total Confinement

Press Release from Irish Senior Citizens Parliament 
Irish Senior Citizens Parliament is strongly urging  Government today to ease the confinement that Older People are enduring with fortitude and forbearance for the greater good.
The majority of Older People are finding cocooning particularly difficult.  They miss the opportunity to go out into the fresh air and to experience the sun  on their face as they walk.
Older People like all others across the life cycle  are individuals so blanket ‘cocooning’ based purely on age “ is difficult and some view it as ageist.
They are law abiding, but are  beginning to question the blanket ban.
As adults , their view is,  that they are capable of using  discretion and the benefit they will experience in general well being, fitness, mental and general health  will be  immeasurable.
Many are saying that the impact on them and their families has been very negative and a some  lifting of the Lock Down should be  a priority.
An element of cabin fever is  beginning to set in.
Particular difficulties  are emerging in households for couples and also  where several people comprise in the same household.
Their normal routines have been disrupted and in particular their individual rhythms which are  resulting in tensions.
They really want a facility to get out for a walk alone as a break from caring or other duties which fall to them.
Máiread Hayes 
087 349 8848