“On the third day before the budget, Older People asked of Brian …”

Living alone / Over-80 increases

Dear Brian,

The Vincentian Partnership for Social Justice has shown that the cost of living alone equals 73% of the cost of living as a couple. The state helps the 26.7% of all people aged 65+ in Ireland who live alone by paying them a living alone increase amounting to €7.70 per week.

But this payment has not been increased since 1996 – in over 13 years. We are calling for this payment to be now increased to €18 per week.

This is an essential benefit – not only do we want to see it maintained but we feel that it should be increased to match the rise in the cost of living since 1996.

The Age Increase paid to those aged over 80 has not changed for a number of years and the Parliament is now calling for it to be increased from €10 to €15 per week. It should also be extended to a dependent spouse over 80 years of age.

Every small measure that keeps Older People healthy & out of hospitals and nursing homes will save the state money.

Yours sincerely

Ireland’s Older People