Pensions: are we doomed to work longer and longer? – ARTE 27

We are consistently working towards a secure safe and adequate income for people reliant on the state pension. We believe this is crucial to ensuring older people live without fear of poverty and the ability to meet their everyday bills. In order to further this discussion, we use the media whenever possible, to highlight this issue and to create a greater awareness of the need to address the insecurity of the current system.

This system relies on ‘adhoc’ increases at Budget allocation, with no reference as to how this sum was arrived at. Some years €5.00 and some years no increase at all. We need the pension to reflect the cost of living and to ensure this we advocate for linking the pension to 34% of the average industrial wage. The current Government committed to this but as yet has not implemented it.  We will continue to advocate strongly for this.

We have made links with other EU countries on this issue and the photo above shows CEO Sue Shaw on ARTE 27 TV Debate Show discussing the issue of pension adequacy.

You can watch the entire debate here.

Please note that audio and subtitles are only available in French and German.