Re Letters from Revenue Commissioners

Special Message to all who received letters from Revenue regarding State Pensions

Please help us to assist you all

 Many of you are ringing us and giving us details of your situation. We cannot handle the volume of calls we are receiving.

To assist us, we ask you to log onto our website and tell us your story or send us a note in the post with your details at the above address. You can email to or to  or add a comment to this message.

We really appreciate your understanding and co-operation in this matter.

While we are aware that many of you are worried and concerned we urge you not to ignore it and to ring Revenue and find out your exact position. From the calls we have received many of the people who have got letters do not owe any money and some may owe very small sums. Either way it will be worked out and will be resolved.

The main advice is not to panic, to seek advice either from family or a person you trust.

We have been contacted by many people who told us, that when they finally managed to contact Revenue, that, the Commissioners accepted the fact  that their State Pension had been reported to them. In one case Revenue were able to give chapter and verse of the many contacts with the pensioner.

We are meeting Revenue this week and would appreciate hearing from you about your case. So far we have not had many contacts from people who owe money.


 Contact: Mairead Hayes