Senior Citizens – Your Vote is Your Voice

The Irish Senior Citizens Parliament are urging all senior citizens to got out and vote on Friday 26th February. It is important that the strong record of voting, which older people have held in this country for many years, is maintained in this election and that senior citizens have a strong voice in the future shape of the next government.

In urging all senior citizens to go out and vote, we are not in any way attempting to tell you who to vote for, but rather asking that you to DO VOTE.

Your vote maybe critical in your constituency and if you do not vote you will have passed up on your opportunity to influence the shape of the next government.

What we want for senior citizens is a government who will introduce policies that will make Ireland the best little country to grow old in. We recognise that older people are not all the same and so there are varying ASKS among our members. We know because you told us that income and access are the two most important issues. Access covers a broad range of services including health and services to name but two. What older people say they want is certainty and so in voting look to see where there is some element of incremental change.

Look at the issues which are important to you and in considering your choice examine carefully the Manifestos which have been issued by parties and those independents who do not belong to any party.

The Irish Senior Citizens Parliament is committed to wanting the implementation of the National Positive Ageing Strategy, which is a blueprint for an Ireland which would be the best little country to grow old in. That is why we joined with other groups in the Earn Our Vote campaign around three agreed policies.

Friday 26th is your opportunity to influence the position of older people over the next five years. Before you vote we ask you to consider and examine the pledges and promises made by the parties and independent candidates in relation to the issues that are important to you and your family.