Telling It Like It Is; Combatting Ageism

We had a wonderful turnout and discussion at the launch of the Alliance of Age Sector NGOs ‘Telling It Like It Is: Combatting Ageism’ yesterday at Leinster House. We received great support from multiple TDs and Senators along with advocates, ISCP members and friends of the Alliance.

Deputy Ministers Niamh Smyth and James Lawless chaired the event while our own CEO Sue Shaw and ALONE’S Sean Moynihan presented the key findings of the report.

Sue Shaw:

The shared reality is the negative impact ageism has across a range of policy areas. Many reported that they experienced additional ageism in the formation of government policy and
society’s attitudes.

Descriptions stories and language that promote later life as a period of unavoidable decline, an ageing society as a tsunami waiting to happen, creates tension and anxiety exacerbated by limited resources. We need to challenge this.

You can read the full report “Telling It Like It Is; Combatting Ageism” HERE.