The contribution that our older people make, far out way the cost of our older population

  • Mr Eddie Lynch, Commissioner for older people for Northern Ireland, addresses the Irish Senior Citizens Parliament, Annual Parliament Meeting.

President John Walsh opened our Annual Parliament Meeting, by welcoming our speaker Mr Eddie Lynch Commissioner for older people for Northern Ireland. The theme of our webinar was Reclaiming Our Voice. This echoed the experience many older people, that their voice has been lost because of the covid pandemic. It also gave voice to the frustration they felt at the lack of a genuine cost of living increase in the Budget 2022.

The webinar was attended by members from ISCP affiliated organisations along with members of the Oireachtas.

Mr Eddie Lynch, Commissioner for older People in Northern Ireland emphasised the point “a good government with good policy’s that can keep people active and independent for longer is something that will benefit all of society”.

Sue Shaw CEO noted Commissioner remarks in relation “to the independence of the office of Commissioner for Older People, as opposed to a Minister who has allegiance to a political party”

The newly elected executive agreed to initiate a campaign to establish a Commissioner for Older People, similar to that in Northern Ireland.