When is a Promise NOT a Promise

The announcement by Minister for Social Protection Joan Burton T.D. that the Government has reduced the fuel, phone, electricity and gas payments to Older People, Carers and those on long term Social Welfare is seen by many Older People as a breach of faith.

Just recently the Tánaiste promised there would be no reductions in Social Welfare and the Taoiseach promised there would be no Tax increases. At the stroke of a pen we have a Mini Budget which means there is €17million less for these vulnerable groups as we face into winter 2011. As of now they can look forward in 2012 to having €65million less.

Responding to the matter of under-usage in the Minister’s statement  Mairead Hayes said

With fixed incomes already reduced and fear of further cuts, Older People tell us they us they are afraid to use their units and try to keep them for the really bad weather. When one remembers the last two winters we have experienced we can readily understand why this is.

This latest announcement will only add to the fear and dread about where and when the next cut will come. We urge all Older People to make their views know to their Public representatives.


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