Budget 2024 proves disrespect is rising quicker than our ageing population

Irish Senior Citizens Parliament members believe that this current Government no longer have respect for older people. Speaking at their Annual Parliament Meeting, members expressed disbelief at how detached and dispassionate current Ministers are.

“Believing that the €12 offered would allow people to meet their bills especially as we head into winter, is evidence of how out of touch this Government is.” says  Imelda Browne President ISCP.

CEO Sue Shaw expressed the deep disappointment and anxiety felt by members. This will ensure that older people are pushed into poverty and left struggling to survive. Fear of not being able to meet their bills and heat their home is not good for the health and well-being of older people.

This was an opportunity for Government to keep the promise that was made to benchmark the pension to 34% of the average wage which would offer a strong sense of income security to older people. This could have been introduced this year with a commitment to implement the change over this and the next budget. That would have meant an increase of €26 this year, instead of the €12 which is a drop in the ocean compared to the amount needed to keep older people out of poverty and hardship.