Scam Text Messages in full force!

We have received multiple reports of scam text messages doing the rounds and they can be very convincing. Scam text messages usually come from an unknown number claiming to be someone like Revenue or An Post, for example. The text messages often contain a link and asks you to click on the link which takes you to a website, where you might be asked to provide personal details. 

NEVER REPLY to any of these text messages!

 NEVER CLICK ON ANY LINK OR WEB ADDRESS contained within these texts!

A newer type of scam text being circulated is from someone claiming to be a relative or friend who is stuck in a bind. Our own staff members have received a text message asking or help from mum, claiming that their phone is broken and that they have gotten a new phone number. In this instance, the scammer asks you to reply to this ‘new number’ either by text or on Whatsapp. 

Scam 6

NEVER REPLY to any of these text or Whatsapp messages!

If you are ever in doubt, DO NOT RESPOND!

Here are some screenshots of text messages that some of our members have received: