Month: December 2010

Regulation required for Home Care

The Irish Senior Citizens Parliament condemns the latest scandal of Elder Abuse against Older People and reiterates the call made on that programme by its CEO Mairead Hayes that there is an urgent need for statutory regulation and licencing of this area of care for very vulnerable Older People. The old and vulnerable must be […]

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BUDGET 2011 – Does it Protect Older People?

In the run-up to Budget 2011 the Irish Senior Citizens Parliament campaigned to “Protect Older People”. We maintained that it was vital that Older People be protected from the worst of the ravages arising from the Budget. Has today’s Budget 2011 accomplished this simple aim? Older People needed protection in the Budget. We very much […]

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BUDGET 2011 – It’s not too late to Protect Older People

In the run-up to Budget 2011 the Irish Senior Citizens Parliament today ramped up its campaign to “Protect Older People”. The cold snowy weather and Budget 2011 both present special challenges to Older People. The weather threatens hypothermia, isolation and broken bones. The Budget threatens cutbacks and tax increases. Both events threaten service reductions. It […]

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ISCP at the National Demonstration

The Irish Senior Citizens Parliament supported the National Demonstrationorganised by the Irish Congress of Trade Unions on Saturday last. ISCP people came from as near as Finglas and as far away as Donegal on a cold, snowy Saturday to show their solidarity and to make the voice of older people heard. We joined something between 50,000 and 100,000 […]

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